Who We Are ?

We sincerely work towards delivering superior education and all-inclusive environment, which inspired the high sense of creativity, sustainable collaborative environments plus incredible innovation for all good means that demands experiential learning. At Mount Elbert Central University we always strive for transparency as well as greater student and faculty collaboration. Coupled with smart eLearning and blended learning tools, we have always been at the helm of delivering fast paced education options. All courses and doctoral programs are run online. We do not have any physical virtual and all non-academic programs are run through a smart and detailed virtual system.

Success Comes through Collaboration

Mount Elbert Central University is changing the ways in which education and learning will be disbursed. The online university is shaping the manner in which the mutual learning and procedures shall get in place.  There are smart online tools available that help students and the pedagogy to come in line and add the value.  At Mount Elbert Central University, the courses are delivered through the application of collaborative strategy where the students gain through the online mode of learning and share their experiences globally with like-minded individuals. The university offers a comprehensive podium for online teaching and learning.

Education is getting innovated and translated at the Mount Elbert Central University, and this is the reason that students enrolled in the university feel transitioned. They experience a unique education, which is not only the best in the class but also quite transparent. It is the whole new world of learning, independence and quite structured. Every aspect of the online learning is taken into consideration and with application of right set of education strategies and great set of tools; students enjoy the experiential learning without being present on the campus.

In the end, Mount Elbert Central University offers not only the quality learning and education but transforming the self only to lead in the competitive world. You accomplish a whole new world, which is tenacious and filled with didactic learning.

Mission & Vision

Mission University @ Mount Elbert Central University

The mission of Mount Elbert Central University is to offer a consistently creative, pro student and diversified podium for developing careers and accepting the challenges of life while becoming truly responsible citizens.


Vision @ Mount Elbert Central University

Mount Elbert Central University has a sustainable vision to work towards development of vocational training, development of professionalism and engagement within the larger student communities.

Recognition & Accreditation

Mount Elbert Central University is an academic/non-academic vocational and online university dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience to students from around the world.
MECU Established in the United States of America. It is duly incorporated and approved under the Laws of the State of Delaware and is in good standing and has a legal corporate existence.

Mount Elbert Central University glad to announce that we become the registered member GSA Council (GLOBAL STANDARDIZATION & ACCREDITATION COUNCIL, USA), MEC University has successfully surpassed all the requirements of the GSA Council.