Mount Elbert Central University follows a streamlined admission procedure, which is segmented through and through. We have a systematic admission process for the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. The comprehensive procedures are subjected to certain level of pre-requisites, which are essential for smooth learning to happen.  The admission faculty at Mount Elbert Central University processes each application that impinges on their system through the online medium.  Here are the qualitative procedures that we are going to follow through our admission process:

  • Select the Program – There are various vocational and non-academic programs available at Mount Elbert Central University. You need to make the selection of your desired course of study. You cannot select two courses simultaneously. In such a scenario your application will be summarily rejected.
  • Standardized Test – It is important that you qualify in any of the standardized tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. These are the specific tests for the English and Management, which will help us to assess whether you are really qualifying for the non-academic programs. These standardized examinations are meant to address your EQ and IQ concerns.
  • Online Application: Make sure that you fill all the details in your online application form. The application can be downloaded or you can fill the entire application online. It is very important that you append your academic transcripts with the application form. All transcripts should be attested by the appropriate authority in your country.
  • Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement – It is important for you to write a personal academic statement for the course you want to study. It will show the faculty members your seriousness. You have to show all the details in your program. Do not hide your intentions that value your statement. All the non-academic careers at Mount Elbert Central University require detailed statement and you always have to keep it in your mind.
  • Application Fee – You have to remit fee for the course plus the application fee in US Dollars. Different courses have different application fee and it is your responsibility to search for the precise application fee for studying the course.

We wish you good luck in your admission. Make sure that you provide only the detailed and correct information in the online form to ensure smooth admissions. Any information, which is considered obsolete or not relevant to your admission, would lead to immediate cancelations. Mount Elbert Central University has no responsibility if you are not admitted to your desired course.