Mount Elbert Central University introduces an array of courses in the digital and commercial photography, which are making the way into the new millennium.  These new styled courses are specially designed for short term purpose and increase the value of professionalism.  The courses are defined around the process of understanding the traditional film photography and the advanced digital photography, which is making the way towards building the uniqueness.

At Mount Elbert Central University, we are gradually building a new style and methodology of digital photography which would make the difference in the professional world, especially in the field of advertising and marketing. We are not only teaching the theoretical concepts in photography, but also helping the professionals to transform themselves into the world of digital and photo editing techniques that are a must in the development of the individuals.


Photography Courses Available at Mount Elbert Central University

  • Diploma in Digital Photography
  • PG Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Fashion Photography
  • Diploma in Photojournalism
  • Diploma in photography and Cinematography
  • Diploma in Advertising and Commercial Photography
  • Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Diploma in Digital Cinematography


Beyond the Usual Photography Lessons

The photography courses delivered at Mount Elbert Central University are exclusively meant for the beginners, advanced professionals and those who have begun their career in the professional photography. We are here to build the career of the students and give them the online training on various aspects of photography, which includes and relates to the industrial uses as well as the development.

By joining the photography course at Mount Elbert Central University, prospective students will be able to learn Portrait Photography, Film Processing, and more importantly know the ways to take the candid shots that are exclusive and unique and creative to the next level.


Become an Astute Photographer

Mount Elbert Central University is building a whole new creative world by dispensing unique courses in the photography. We have a seasoned faculty who is constantly working on the new techniques around the photography.  We are delivering the concepts as well as the learning, which is specially designed for the individuals who want the best in the photography and make a phenomenal career.

Learn the new skills in the photography and build up your skills over a period of time. And the best part is that you do not have to be physically present all the time. All courses are designed for the purpose to meet the requirements of the industries.