At Mt. Elbert Central University, we take pride in selecting awardees who have demonstrated professional excellence. Our selection criteria include academic excellence, professional achievement, and exemplary leadership. We strive to recognize individuals who have made a lasting impact in their fields and have demonstrated commitment to their work.


Nominations are broadcast widely by the University Secretariat and may be submitted at any time. The Selection Board will screen the nomination to ensure it adheres to the guidelines, with names being added to the list. The Committee will then select prospective degree recipients and two members will execute due diligence to ensure the nomination is valid. Nominators may be invited to participate in the conferral of the degree.


Nominations should be made on the forms provided by the Co-Ordinator. They should include a supporting submission containing details of the nominee’s life and work, an outline of their most significant achievements, an assessment of their standing and any other relevant information. It is also recommended to include details of the nominee’s published works. nominations should be accompanied by details of the nominees’ published works in an Appendix.