Mount Elbert Central University is an online university offering courses that are uniquely created for the self-development and increasing the professional acumen. We are building the leaders of the tomorrow and for this purpose the online study programs are exclusively designed to meet the advanced technologies. In this process we have launched online study program for the aspirants of videography, who are interested to enhance their video production and post-production skills plus add value to their uniquely created videos.

At Mount Elbert Central University, we believe in serving the self and creating the best ever video production programs that are meant to change the overall scenes and production techniques. We are continuously upgrading the online course, and this is helpful increasing the interests of the individuals. There are special videography courses designed for the beginners who want to bring the change.

Under the online videography sessions, the faculty members are also instructing the students on the outcomes of the course and what benefits they can gain after the course is completed. Special videography classes are also available for the beginners, who have deep interest in video creation. The cinematic video framing techniques are also taught in the online course to the students, who want to make the career in the wedding video shoots.


Types of Courses under the Videography

  • VR and 360 Video Productions
  • Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing
  • Post Production
  • Sound Recording and Editing
  • Video Cinematography Techniques
  • Special Effects Creation
  • Video Enhancement
  • Video Editing
  • Montage Building
  • Creating Shorts and Reels


Bring the Best Video man out of you

The online course in videography offered by Mount Elbert Central University is one of its kind classes and uniquely designed for the purpose. We are building the videographers of tomorrow who are going to not only shoot the advanced scenes but also tell the story as well as show the on-screen presence in a uniquely crafted way. The study program is launched under the guidance of experience faculty who has already shown their talent in various types of post productions.

Mount Elbert Central University has nurtured the videography course in a uniquely artistic manner such that the students can make a whole lot of difference in the professional life of the ace photographers and videographers. It is the time to up skill yourself with the online videography courses and make the ultimate difference to the society.