Mount Elbert Central University offers a wide range of hospitality and management courses through the online mode under the vocational training program.  These courses are designed to provide students with essential knowledge as well as the latent skills essential and useful in the hospitality industry and indulge in the management roles. Mount Elbert Central University is one of the finest universities offering the best in the league. We also run specialized vocational training programs within the hospitality sector that comprises hotel management, hospitality, commercial cookery, kitchen management and many more.

Job Prospects and Salary Range after Completing these Courses

Upon completion of courses related to Hospitality Management, students are able to apply my knowledge, practical skills and experience in management and advanced cookery. I will be able to display higher sense of initiative and judgment in planning, consolidating, implementing and monitoring my own work as well as the work of others. The salary packages offered to students after completing their hospitality management courses are on the higher side.

Moreover, the students acquire wider range in managing work process and appropriate business technology for commercial cooking. More these courses will guide my way towards working in a retail enterprise. In the practical work environment, students shall learn to implement systems and procedures necessary to attract more customers.  Above all, the students will be equipped on macro skills in business such as controlling cookery operations to meet product satisfaction, reporting workplace performance as the part of hospitality management.

Diploma of Hospitality Management from Mount Elbert Central University will lead the students through the following occupational roles such as: Banquet or Function Manager, Chef de cuisine, Kitchen manager, Restaurant manager, Bar manager, Café manager, Head chef, Club secretary or manager, Food and beverage manager and many more.


Future Career Plans after Completing the Course

Despite the fact that the hospitality study programs of Mount Elbert Central University are run online, students have a wider scope of options available to gain the relevant industry experience. The prospective students will gain better industrial placement when I return to my home country, where I will put my learning into a concentrated practice. I would like to gain experiences to be adept with business operations on how cooking industry would grow and excel other small businesses. I will be able to manage kitchen operations for hospitality business and to assist marketing programmes in hospitality.