Mount Elbert Central University is offering online courses in commercial cookery, which can be pursued from anywhere and at any point of time. The commercial cookery courses are specially meant to make you the best in the field of cooking and hospitality.  The commercial cookery and hospitality management programs have been set in the manner where these help the students in gaining a wide range of skills and knowledge required not only to become competent as a qualified chef or cook but also to gain a range of supervisory or leadership skills that will enhance graduate employability and future opportunities as a chef.

Cookery and allied courses in kitchen management and hospitality offered by Mount Elbert Central University is making qualitative changes in the lives and styles of the individuals. These courses are smartly designed to change the lives of the individuals globally. Every course is distinctively different from the other and it is building the world of infinite possibilities.

All these courses will give me the opportunity to take on managerial roles in hospitality industry later on, during the tenure of my professional growth and development.   The students after passing successfully from the commercial cookery and hospitality programs can easily take over various types of job roles in variety of settings. The scope to rise is unlimited.  Above all, being employable would instil the much required confidence where the students shall become one of the contributors in economic development of my country India by way of paying taxes.

Earning these non-academic qualifications will prepare the students for a career as a Senior Chef or Chef de Cuisine and students can easily take on the roles of being a supervisor or head of the kitchen in big and small hospitality companies. The online courses delivered at Mount Elbert Central University are above the class and these courses also prepare the students for various financial roles in the hospitality and commercial cookery. We are helping the students to play a rock and roll event.

Come and delve into the lucrative opportunity to undertake industry workplace training in various kitchen settings, and make a mark. Mount Elbert Central University have evolved and continuously evolving new types of courses in commercial cookery and hospitality management, which would pave the way towards the development of high paying career in the times to come.